Corizon – an introduction

Terrot Corizon 01

Logo TerrotWith 155 years of know-how in knitting and more than 310 employees in Germany, Italy and China, Terrot is one of the most successful manufacturers of circular knitting machines worldwide. Our headquarters are located in Chemnitz, a town which has a long tradition in the textile engineering.

Our goal is to reach a sustainability in our textile products and services by improving the whole supply chain in the textile industry. To achieve this goal there is a need for science based technologies. Our answer to that is “Corizon”.

We herewith introduce a future technology which allows you to develop products directly on the machine, without additional setup times and the advantage of less production stages. “Corizon” combines spinning and knitting in one process.

The “Corizon” technology produces fibres directly to fabric with innovative material structures. The fabric characteristics will be determined through generating a core yarn by combining a core filament which is surrounded by mainly parallel fibres. This special process offers various material combinations with different characteristics.

“Corizon” enables manufacturers and their designers to create new kinds of knitting qualities in terms of softness, tightness, haptic, getting more brilliance and less fabric twist. Our spin-knit technology is very sustainable: Fabrics made with “Corizon” save a decent amount of raw material but offer the same voluminous surface structure compared to traditionally knitted fabrics. An additional benefit is related to the production process. With “Corizon” knitters are able to change the yarn count during the knitting process. In this way they can save a lot of product development time.

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